MIPIM 2018 – Yes, we Cannes

MIPIM 2018 – Yes, we Cannes

2018 marks our 21st year attending MIPIM and this year is set to be bigger and better than ever. With more than two decades’ worth of experience pounding the streets of the croisette, director Tim Downing shares some pearls of wisdom ahead of 13 March.

MIPIM is the world’s largest property event, gathering senior decision makers from across the globe in Cannes for four days of panels, networking, speeches and receptions. It’s an absolutely mind blowing experience but great fun and fantastic for business, making connections and securing work. Here are my survival tips for the craziest four days you may possibly ever experience:

  • Be organised – when you arrive in Cannes it’s frantic; I would urge anyone attending to make sure they’ve got a couple of events organised and booked in their diary beforehand. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed so organisation really is key.
  • Buy a bunker pass – this is a pass that will get you into the festival itself and will get you on the database as a registered company and will ultimately enable you to attend more events.
  • Pack boots made for walking – packing comfortable shoes is essential, you don’t want to end up with no shoes walking down the croisette because your heels are too painful. Don’t buy a brand new pair the day before you leave – a mistake I have made in the past!
  • A good cup of tea is hard to come by – I always pack my own tea bags, incredibly British, I know, but truly essential if you want to get a good cup of tea. Yorkshire Tea is my favourite but other good tea brands are available.
  • Take a breather – once the expo is in full swing it can be incredibly busy so I always advise that people take some time to themselves each day just to decompress and evaluate the day just gone. I go for a jog every morning which some consider crazy but it really helps clear my head and prepare me for the day to come.
  • Food, glorious food – I have certainly fallen victim in the past to attending too much breakfast, lunch and dinner events – sometimes multiple sittings on the same day. Plan wisely and don’t overcommit.
  • Elevator pitch, go! – have a strong message worked out before you leave, what are you trying to get across about you and your business? Business cards are a great way of doing this – we take a hybrid business card/leaflet which works wonders.
  • Don’t run out of juice – charge your phone, find the wifi codes, remember an adaptor and stay connected.

Attending MIPIM this year will be: Tim Downing and William Downing

– get in touch if you will also be attending and would like to meet; email tdowning@pygott-crone.com or call: 07703 204975/01522 561450.

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