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Pygott & Crone Estate Agents Limited (and other Pygott & Crone Holdings Group of Companies) – hereafter “Pygott & Crone”, “We”, “Us” – aim to provide our customers and clients with the best possible safe and secure service. This document covers our use of cookies on our company website (hereafter “Website”).

What are cookies?

The vast majority of websites use cookies which are small files that are stored on the device e.g. mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer that you use to access websites .  Each cookie consists of an identifying name, the domain of the website that created it, and the data stored within it; this data can vary widely depending on the purpose of the cookie.Cookies are created by the web server on which a website is hosted and sent to the browser you are using on your device. They are then stored on your device according to the browser’s and/or device’s settings.

Some cookies are deleted when you close your browser, these are session cookies. Other cookies will remain on your device until they expire or are otherwise deleted, these are persistent cookies and help us identify you as a returning visitor to our website.

It is beyond the scope of this document to cover all possible combinations of browser and device so you should refer to the documentation of the browser and device you are using if you wish to know more about how and where cookies are managed.

What cookies do we use?

Most of the cookies that we use on our website are strictly necessary and essential for the running and functionality of our website and its features; for example our user account system, user preferences, live chat, enquiry forms, and saving properties of interest. These cookies are created and controlled by us.

We will also create a cookie that will serve as a flag that you have seen the popup message on arrival to our website – as we do not want to disrupt your repeated visits to our website by requiring you to action the popup repeatedly. To this end we deem this cookie to be essential.

Third party cookies

There are a number of third party cookies which could be saved on your device which are important for providing full functionality of our website. These are controlled by other organisations whose services we use.

In common with the majority of websites we use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager which need cookies to function. These are tools which primarily help us understand how people use our website, how many people are using our website and enable us to provide a better user experience for future users.

We also use Vimeo to present video content on our website, and Moneypenny to provide live chat functionality (in addition to our own in-house facility). Both of these third party companies require cookies to be enabled in order for their respective products to function. We may use other third party companies to provide features and services on our website, in which case we will inform you of any changes on this page.

Any of the pages on our website can be shared on social media such as Facebook, for example by direct link or by clicking a share button on our website. Any such third party social media website may save cookies on your device as a result, and you should refer to the cookie policies of the respective websites for more information.

How do I disable cookies?

We would like to assure you that all cookies set by our website are necessary and we do not use cookies to collect unnecessary information or data about you, or to show intrusive advertisements to you. Any cookies that we do control have an appropriate expiry date and time so that they are automatically removed from your browser/device.
If you would like to block or disable cookies, then this is done through your browser settings. We have provided some helpful links to the relevant sections of the major browser’s documentation.

You can also visit for more detailed information on cookies.

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