Winterproof your home with these tips Winterproof your home with these tips

Winterproof your home with these tips

As autumn leaves us and dark evenings approach, now is the best time to start preparing your home for the cold months ahead.

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Cold and damp weather can put a strain on our homes, so it’s important to have a few precautions in place to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs later down the line, in what is already set to be a challenging financial period.
High demand for professional tradespeople can lead to weeks of waiting to get work done, should you find your home is suffering from the onslaught of cold and wet weather conditions. So, planning ahead will help you avoid a facing winter without hot water and a leaky roof.
Boiler check
The last thing you need during the winter months when the house needs heating and waiting times for maintenance are longer than usual, is your boiler to have issues. Be proactive and get your boiler checked now, before it has to face the depths of winter.
Brick work
One issue that is often overlooked ahead of winter is inadequate brickwork pointing. This can become a major issue over time as it allows water ingress, as well as leaving your home susceptible to frost damage and damp. These issues will become far more prevalent during the winter months, as more favourable weather in the summer allows them to go unnoticed. It costs on average £50 to £60 per square metre to repoint your brick work, however the waiting times will only lengthen as the temperatures drop. Therefore, acting now before the cold and wet weather arrives will put you in good stead.
Much like brickwork, problems with roofing tend to emerge more prevalently in cold and rainy conditions. Missing or cracked tiles are frequent problems that can lead to further issues in the home. Getting a roof inspection or necessary repairs can take as long as four weeks before the right tradesperson is available, so it’s important to take a proactive approach rather than wait for more serious damage to be done.
Water pipes
The winter months can take a toll on your water pipes, with low temperatures resulting in blocked, burst or frozen pipes. Insulting your pipes or fitting pipe jackets can be done for as little as £50, which is a huge saving compared to fixing the aftermath of a burst pipe. Any length of time without water in your home is a considerable wait, so sorting your water pipes now will save you a lot of trouble later.
Windows and doors
Minor misalignments of windows and doors may not seem like an issue, but your home could lose a considerable amount of heat, and rainwater has a better chance of entering your home. While the latter will cause damage from dampness, heating the home efficiently will become a much more pressing issue as we approach winter, and the cost of energy continues to rise. A general inspection or replacing a double-glazed window will require an upfront cost, but it will more than pay for itself due to the money saved on heating your home this winter – so long as you act now.
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This article was originally published by BriefYourMarket and is reproduced here with their permission.

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