When’s the best time to renew your car insurance? When’s the best time to renew your car insurance?

When’s the best time to renew your car insurance?

Sooner rather than later! Many people in today’s frantic world leave renewing their car insurance until the last minute.

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Did you know that could mean you end up paying more? The best time to renew your car insurance is about a month to six weeks before your renewal date.
The later you leave it, the less time you have for price manoeuvring. Insurance companies know that the closer you get to your renewal date, the keener you will be to get sorted. Common sense also suggests that if the price you are offered is not competitive enough, you still have plenty of time to find a better deal!
If you show your insurance company that you are organised this will reflect well on how they perceive you. You may enjoy a cheaper premium as you are less likely to make a claim and maintain your car on time.
Has your car insurance increased when it comes to renewal time?
It can be frustrating when you know that your circumstances have not changed and yet your premium increases.
There are hidden costs that alter from time to time that you will not be aware of. For example, the cost of parts for repairs in the event of an accident, insurance premium tax, and the statistic of uninsured drivers on the road without insurance. These are costs you can’t control or influence, but there are some things you can do!
What if your circumstances change?
If you change your place of work, this could increase or reduce your premium. For example, if you start work in a licenced premises, then your premium could go up.
Some top tips to cutting your premium!
Shop around –
Give yourself some time to shop around. It’s worth remembering that prices can change from week to week.
Pay in advance –
It may be appealing paying for your insurance monthly, but essentially you are taking out a loan and will pay interest. So it’s better and cheaper to pay in advance.
Finance –
If you are determined to pay monthly and don’t want to pay interest, use a 0% credit card.
Increase your voluntary excess –
By doing this, you will reduce the cost of your premium. Remember, if you make a claim, this will increase how much you pay out. With many people claiming for minor repairs you could leave yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Reduce your mileage –
Typically, the more miles you drive, the more your premium will cost. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating your mileage, as this could invalidate your policy. Remember, you can contact the insurance provider at any time if you believe you have underestimated this figure. That said you will pay an admin charge so as with all the information you provide best to be as accurate as possible from the get-go.
Haggle! –
Believe it or not, this works. Perhaps not with all insurance brokers, but you don’t get unless you ask!
Always give accurate information –
It’s important to always give accurate information; if you don’t, you could invalidate your policy. Don’t think that insurance companies ask so many questions just to fill their databases. For example, your postcode may have a lower crime rate and therefore be cheaper.
Looking for the best possible car insurance policy at an even better premium? Get a quote

This article was originally published by BriefYourMarket and is reproduced here with their permission.

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