Top tips on making your older home more modern Top tips on making your older home more modern

Top tips on making your older home more modern

  Modernising an older home requires a delicate balance between preserving its history and introducing contemporary elements.

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Your property’s character will determine which original features to embrace or replace. You can make subtle, budget-friendly changes or invest in more extensive renovations.

Celebrate your home’s original features
From your fireplace to the staircase, take a step back to take in the features you love and want to keep, then work in harmony with them.

Think about the original materials
The same applies to the woodwork, natural stone, or brickwork of your home. These qualities can inspire your approach to modernising your home.

Knock down some walls
Older homes often have floorplans composed of smaller rooms. Creating an open or ‘broken-plan’ layout can pay homage to the past while infusing a sense of modernity..

Remove old wallpaper
While some trends stand the test of time, others may need to go. For example, partly wallpapered walls. If an older fully wallpapered wall needs updating, it’s time to remove it.

Add some smart technology
Subtle and discreet smart lighting systems, thermostats, and security cameras complemented with voice-activated systems will modernise your home without ruining its aesthetics.

Improve your home’s hardware
USB plugs, new power sockets, and light switches can provide cost-effective ways to modernise your home, making it more technology-friendly.

Add some modern art
Modern art in the form of photography, paintings, or sculpture can provide a timeless modern touch to any room, seamlessly blending classic features with a contemporary interior.

Install a new bathroom or kitchen
Marble, granite, wood, tiles, or vinyl? There is much to think about when creating these pivotal rooms in your home. Combining energy-efficient appliances with granite or quartz worktops can offer a modern and timeless appeal.

Be creative with your furniture
Paying homage to your home’s history can be achieved using weathered furniture or collectable pieces. Rustic furniture that is set in a modern, brightly painted, spacious room can nod to your home’s older features.

Restore your original flooring
Peek under the carpet or lift your worn laminate and you might find an original, real wood floor. Have you considered sanding it down and treating it?

Create space
Reducing clutter can create the illusion of larger rooms. When choosing lighting, you have a wide range of options to blend modern fixtures with older designs or even antique shades.

Create a connection with the outdoors
Remove barriers between your home’s interior and the outdoors to blend your living areas. Think about creating an outdoor space that can be used even when it’s raining; add a few gadgets and timeless details such as candles.

Add some glass
Whether it’s bifold doors, glass door walls, glass walls, skylights, glass roofs, or innovative indoor windows, adding more natural light can breathe fresh air into your space and create a sense of spaciousness.

Added value
Feeling inspired? Modernising your older home will most certainly add to its value. How Your approach is your choice, but seeking inspiration, like viewing properties, can spark ideas for improvement.

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This article was originally published by BriefYourMarket and is reproduced here with their permission.

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