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With 10 offices across Lincolnshire, Pygott and Crone offer a wide selection of To Let properties throughout the county.

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Rural cottages with land, family homes close to schools and modern city living; we are sure to have something suitable for you.

Our transparent online application process makes it easy to track your progress. A very detailed photographic inventory, combined with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, gives you reassurance from the outset. Moreover, our state of the art online fault reporting tool will ensure any little niggles you have are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Download all our fees, terms and conditions.

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Use our interactive fault reporting system, available 24/7

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The application process

Search through all our available lettings properties using the search filter above. When you see one you like contact us to arrange a viewing.

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Once you have found a suitable property you can either call into one of our branches or click the link below to complete our online application form.

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Your landlord must make checks to ensure that you have the right to rent their property. Details of what's involved can be found in this government guide.

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Safe and Sound

It is a legal requirement that where appropriate all rental properties have an up to date Gas Safety Certificate, Energy Performance Certificate and Legionella Risk Assessment.

In conjunction with Lincs Gas Safety and Pygott and Crone's in house Domestic Energy Assessors our experienced team ensures all properties are safe and legally compliant before any tenant is moved in. As we are regulated by the Royal Institute for Chartered Surveyors and the Association of Residential Letting Agents we are always up to date with the ever changing lettings legislation.

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Safety Safety Safety Safety

Enquire about Lettings


If you have any questions about lettings, or just want to make an enquiry then please fill in your details and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Online Fault Reporting

Our tenants can use our intuitive picture based fault reporting system which allows you to report faults 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your phone, tablet or computer. With guided advice, tenants are made aware of their responsibilities and given all the information necessary to solve those frequent 'easy-to-fix' problems that they might come across.

If a repair is required, our contractors can prepare for the specific issue at hand using a detailed repair report which includes photographs. This can help the issue to be resolved in the first contractor visit.

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Relocation across the nation

With our National Connections, we work together with Relocation Agent Network members up and down the country to help people move home, wherever they may be.

So if you're moving, Relocation Agent Network can offer you the potential of additional out of town clients viewing your property and if you're relocating, we can help you find your new home across England, Scotland and Wales.

Relocation across the nation

With our National Connections, we work together with Relocation Agent Network members up and down the country to help people move home, wherever they may be.

Go to our Relocation page for further details > Relocation

Learn more about Lincolnshire

Click on any of our videos to find out more about some of our beautiful Lincolnshire locations, including useful information on schools, amenities and transport links.

Our films have been created by our in-house media team specifically to assist buyers relocating to new areas.

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Buyers guide

Tenant's Guide

If you're looking for a rental property, then you've come to the right place – as one of the largest letting agents in Lincolnshire, Pygott & Crone has a comprehensive selection of properties available within the City and across the County – everything from studio flats to large family houses.
Finding a property
Securing a property
Credit and reference checks
The deposit
Tenancy agreement
Insurance obligations and safety regulations
Moving / Check in day
Property inspections
Renewal of tenancy or move out


As a licensed member of ARLA (the Association of Residential Lettings Agents), we're regulated by ARLA's strict Code of Practice and membership conditions. As ARLA licensed agents we also adhere to the Client Money Protection Scheme, so you have peace of mind that your deposit is safe.


If you're new to renting, this useful Tenant's Guide will give you the complete lowdown on what to expect as a Pygott & Crone tenant, with a services guide, useful tips for a smooth transaction and all the legal aspects covered.


Tenant's Services

Since 1991, we have established great relationships with our tenants, listening to what they want from a local lettings agent, and as a result we can offer you the following services…


Comprehensive Inventory

Pygott & Crone will arrange for a professionally compiled inventory of the property’s contents and condition. One of our experienced inventory clerks will thoroughly inspect and photograph the rental property, recording its interior condition, decorative order, fixtures, fittings, meter readings and contents, thus ensuring the resulting inventory report is an accurate picture of a property’s condition. Both landlords and tenants can have peace of mind that their inventory is written from a neutral viewpoint, helping to avoid disputes when the tenants leave the property.


Contents Insurance

Tenant’s contents insurance is a comprehensive insurance policy that can provide you with peace of mind at an affordable price. It may surprise some tenants to learn that their landlord cannot be held responsible for insuring their personal possessions and that their standard household policy will not fully protect them. As a minimum, tenants will be required to insure their liability for damage to the landlord’s property.

Finding a property

Pygott and Crone are licensed members of the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) and also are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS); therefore, we operate under a strict set of professional standards and ethics ensuring you have complete transparency, so you don’t get any unwelcome fees or legal issues throughout your tenancy.

Finding a property

Beginning your property search

You should consider the following when starting your search for a new home:

Where do you want to live? Consider work, schools, public transport or any close by amenities you may require. Location is one of the most important things to consider for your new home.
What are your minimum requirements?
Make a “must have” list which includes: bedrooms, parking, facilities etc.

Finding a property


How much can you realistically afford? Look into what rent you can afford, referencing is generally based on an annual salary of 30 times the monthly rent.
Think about what money you will require upfront in terms of a deposit, upfront rent and any application and referencing fees.
Also think about what other costs you may incur including utilities, council tax or maintenance costs.

Finding a property


When would you like to move in?

It is easier to work backwards by picking a date you would like to move in and starting your search around 6-8 weeks before this.

Finding a property

Register for property updates

Either contact one of our experienced letting agents or by creating an online account on www.pygott-crone.com.

You can register for email alerts and be sure that when a property to let comes on the market you’ll be one of the first to see it. Our staff are trained to keep up with the trends of the local market in Lincolnshire so we will be able to advise you on how to get the most for your money in the location of your choice.

Finding a property


Once you have considered your location, budget and minimum requirements you are ready to begin your search and start viewing.

Finding a property

Top Viewing Tips

Check properties are available for you to move in to when you need to before you arrange a viewing.
Enquire about what services are available, including satellite, cable, broadband, mobile coverage etc.
Think about what storage space you may need in a property; it may look nice but will you and your belongings fit in it.

Finding a property

If you have specific items of large furniture, measure them and check they will not only fit in the rooms but that there is enough access to get the items inside.
Check the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Since 2008 it is a legal requirement that all landlords have an EPC for any new tenancy. This will give you an idea of the property running cost by looking at insulation, boiler age, double glazing and much more so it is well worth checking.

Finding a property

Remember all properties are taken on an “As Seen” basis when you view so if you notice any issues or have any queries, you must get these raised and agreed with the agent and landlord before applying for the property.

Securing a property

Generally the rental market moves at a very fast pace with new properties coming to the market being taken by tenants very quickly. When you find a property you like, we recommend you act quickly to secure it. All adults (i.e. people over 18 years of age) who will be staying at the property MUST complete an application, even if only one person is going to be paying the rent.

Securing a property

Things to consider:-

Check you annual salary is high enough before applying or discuss with your agent about a Guarantor.
Check you can afford the deposit, application and referencing fees as these must be paid before you move in.
If you have any queries about the property or its condition these must be agreed with the landlord before you apply.

Securing a property

It is at the landlord’s discretion whether they will accept pets, smokers, students or tenants in receipt of housing benefit.
An application does not guarantee the right to prevent any further viewings or applications.
Until you have received either verbal or written confirmation from the agent or landlord that your application has been successful and they have agreed a check in date, do not make any arrangements for removals or moving in.

Credit and reference checks

All applications will be subject to credit and reference checks for all adult occupants of a property (including married couples). This can take up to 10 days to complete. To start your application you will be required to complete our application form and pay the application fee. You must also provide Photo ID and a utility bill showing the current address, dated within the last 3 months for each applicant.

Credit and reference checks

Pygott & Crone use an independent referencing company. You will be asked to give information to them so they can confirm that you have rented in the past without any major problems. As part of this process they may also request further details such as:-

Credit and reference checks

Referencing Criteria

Previous address history
Landlord’s details for any property rented in the last three years.
Confirmation of earnings per annum that are at least equal to the monthly rental fee multiplied by 30.

Credit and reference checks

If you’re retired, then your (joint) pension per annum will also need to equal 30 times the monthly rental.
No adverse credit in the form of County Court Judgements, Bankruptcy Order or similar.
If you’re self-employed, either an accountant’s reference or evidence of the last three years’ tax returns.

Credit and reference checks

The application process is in two stages. If the first stage is successful it will progress to the second stage at which point an application fee will become payable. This is £120 per person (including VAT) and this is non-refundable.

Credit and reference checks


Guarantors may be required for any applicant not in full time employment or on a low income. The application fee for a guarantor is £120 (including VAT).

The deposit

A deposit is held as the landlord’s cover for any excessive damage at the end of the tenancy. All deposits must be held in an appropriate Tenancy Deposit Scheme.
If Pygott and Crone are holding the deposit, the deposit will be registered with the Tenancy Dispute Service and an appropriate certificate issued to you.

The deposit

If Pygott and Crone are not holding the deposit, the landlord will advise you of the scheme in which it is held and the terms and conditions of that scheme will be provided by the landlord.
Your deposit is protected under the terms of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and cannot be released to the landlord without your consent or at the direction of the Scheme administrators.

Tenancy agreement

A Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding document that sets out the terms of the tenancy. It ensures the rights and commitments of both the tenant and the landlord are protected.

You must read this document carefully and ensure you understand it as it sets out your legal obligations as a tenant which may include such responsibilities as:

Tenancy agreement

The amount of rent you must pay and the date it is paid;
Who is permitted to live in the property;
What you must do at the property (eg keeping it clean and maintaining the gardens);
What you are not allowed to do in the property (eg playing loud music or running a business);

Tenancy agreement

In most instances the type of tenancy will be an Assured Shorthold Agreement for an agreed fixed period to which the Tenant and Landlord are legally committed.

Tenancy agreement

Rent Payment Date

Please be aware that your first month’s rent will always be due on the tenancy start date, which is usually the date you check in and take occupation. Subsequent rent payments are usually on the same date each month so you may wish to consider the date you are paid when agreeing your tenancy start date.

Insurance obligations and safety regulations


Quite often tenants will overlook the need to take out contents insurance when renting a property; however before a tenancy agreement is signed, written proof will be required that the tenant has obtained insurance to cover their liability for any damage to the property.
During your application, Pygott and Crone will discuss your requirements and can help you source a suitable insurance policy.

Insurance obligations and safety regulations

Safety First

As licensed letting agency members of ARLA and the RICS, Pygott and Crone keep up to date with all the latest industry legislation. We keep our landlords advised on their legal obligations for keeping their tenants safe from harm.

Moving / Check in day

When the landlord has accepted your offer and your reference and credit checks have been approved, one of Pygott and Crone lettings consultants will contact you to arrange and complete the tenancy agreement and other important documentation.

Moving / Check in day

At least 48 hours before the moving-in date, you will be requested for payment of the sign in monies which will include:
First month’s rent;
Deposit – equal to one and a half month’s rent (rounded up to the nearest £5);
Administration fee – £200 (inclusive of VAT).

Moving / Check in day

Future rent payments will be made monthly by Standing order in advance – we will give you the necessary bank account details so that you can set up the Standing Order direct with your bank.
With your references, paperwork and invoices complete, it’s time to move in! Remember to inform your utilities provider and the local council of your move.

Moving / Check in day

The Inventory

Before you move in, one of Pygott and Crone’s experienced inventory clerks will complete a thorough inspection of the property. This inventory records the condition of the property before you move in and will be used to assess any damage to the property when you move out. Pygott and Crone’s inventory will include a comprehensive range of photographic evidence which minimises the risk of a dispute at the end of the tenancy; we therefore recommend that tenants thoroughly check the inventory before signing it.

Property inspections

A fully managed property by Pygott and Crone will receive regular inspection visits.  We will advise both parties of any issues that may need resolving along with who is responsible which will depend on whether the issue is a fault, damage or through ‘wear and tear’.

Renewal of tenancy or move out

When you approach the end of your initial tenancy period you will need to decide if you wish to extend your stay or move out.

Renewal of tenancy or move out

Extending your stay

If you would like to extend your stay in the property we will liaise with you and the landlord to complete the necessary paperwork. If you have had a change in circumstances you must let us know as additional checks may need to be carried out. An administration fee of £50.00 (including VAT) is payable prior to the preparation of the new tenancy agreement.

Renewal of tenancy or move out

Remember that if you do not extend your tenancy and you intend to stay in the property longer, the contract will continue on a monthly basis; however the landlord has the right to give you 2 months’ statutory notice to leave at any time if they decide they want the property back.

Renewal of tenancy or move out

Moving out

Should you decide it is time to move on and you are in a property fully managed by Pygott and Crone, then you will need to give us notice in writing of your intention to end the tenancy in accordance with the terms of your tenancy agreement. We will then arrange for one of our inventory clerks to perform a final inspection to ensure the property is left in an appropriate condition. We will notify you of any issues which may affect the full return of your deposit.

Renewal of tenancy or move out

If a landlord manages your property, you will need to give notice in writing (as above) to your landlord and liaise with them in order to arrange a time and date to meet you, complete the check out and hand the keys back.

Renewal of tenancy or move out


Once you have served your notice to leave you will need to ensure the property is left in the same condition as at the start of the tenancy to ensure you are entitled to the full return of your deposit. Check the condition against the original inventory you signed. Providing there are no disputes and all the necessary paperwork has been completed correctly you should receive your deposit back within 10 days of the last day of the tenancy.

Renewal of tenancy or move out

With the exception of normal wear and tear, providing the property is left in the same condition as when you moved in there should be no problem in receiving your deposit back.

Here are a few things you should consider before handing the property back:-

Give the property a comprehensive clean throughout, including carpets, cooker, windows, sills, skirtings, walls and furniture. Many tenants arrange for a professional cleaner which we can advise on if required. If your landlord has allowed you to keep pets, you may be required to have the carpets professionally sanitized;

Renewal of tenancy or move out

Tidy the garden;
Return all keys;
Remove all of your personal belongings and clear away all rubbish.

If your property is fully managed, we are happy to help you with anything of which you are unsure.

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