Get your home ready for spring with this checklist Get your home ready for spring with this checklist

Get your home ready for spring with this checklist

Spring is still a month away and the longer, lighter days of summer breeze are even further in the future.

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That’s not to say you can’t start giving your home a good spring clean now and get ahead of the seasons. It can be a liberating, therapeutic experience and often quite necessary with Christmas not that far behind us. The odd pine needle that you may find on the floor or carpet is proof that you made the right decision to give your home a spring clean.
Now that you are on top of your cleaning, in fact, your house is an impeccable example of cleanliness. What else do you need to think about at this time of year?
Give your home a good overall inspection. When you find anything that needs attention take a picture of it or make a note. Then you can create a list of priorities. This is the first step to sorting whatever you find!
Check your caulking
A good place to start is to check out your bathroom caulking. During the steamy windows of wintry months, this often suffers. The cold winter weather outside means that you have perhaps not opened the windows quite as often as usual.
Give your windows a good clean. You most likely have a window cleaner to do the outside, get some vinegar, water and elbow grease and tackle the inside.
After the windy assaults of winter, it’s always a good idea to check your guttering.  If it’s damaged, when it rains again it can cause more damage or flooding which could lead to expensive repairs. Plus, it’s always a good idea to get on top of any repairs because there might be a bit of a wait to get them fixed if you find any.
Checking your roof is important; a few slate tiles may have become loose or perhaps have blown away. Use a camera or binoculars, just to be on the safe side.
It might be a bit early to get fully immersed in your garden. However, you can certainly have a tidy-up and start planting a few bulbs for the summer. Why not check the patio for weeds or cracks that may have appeared from the ice? Simply doing these things will make you feel as if spring and summer are well on the way.
If there are a couple of clear days and you have the time. Reseal your decking or fences, as well as the shed or gates. Now is a great time to get it done.
Concrete and pointing
Any concrete, pointing, tarmac or hard surfaces that may have cracked over the winter or simply become cluttered up with moss or dirt can be cleaned. This will brighten up the appearance of your home and make it feel a bit more spring-like.
The result
Doing all these things will help whether you are staying put, selling, thinking of moving or if you have plans to develop your property in the coming months.
Thinking of moving? Call us today for a valuation to see how we can help.

This article was originally published by BriefYourMarket and is reproduced here with their permission.

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