Deposit friendly decorations for your home Deposit friendly decorations for your home

Deposit friendly decorations for your home

  When you rent a property, it can be particularly challenging to make four walls feel like your home.

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Looking for options and inspiration on how to decorate your property without risking your deposit? Look no further, we are here to help you discover ways you can allow your personality to shine in every room of your property.

When decorating a living space, there are many ways to achieve the look you desire. This can range from creating a cosy feel by making large furniture purchases to even buying a bouquet of flowers weekly to create a homey feel.

What does your tenancy agreement allow?
Before renting a property and signing your contract, it’s important to recognise if anything within the property needs improving or decorating. You can then discover if your contract would allow this. There is no point in binding yourself into a rental agreement, and after a month of renting, you realise you can’t even use damage-free wall strips to hang up photos. Sometimes contracts can be restrictive, but most landlords are very lenient with decorating as long as you are improving their current property. So, it’s always important to check your contract ahead of time to ensure you don’t breach it.

Consult your landlord
When renting a property, the contract doesn’t always align with how the landlord may respond to certain questions. We would advise creating a healthy relationship with your landlord, allowing you greater leeway for decorating. Many landlords accept decorating outside of contracts. If you have agreed to this with your landlord, ensure you have a written, signed agreement allowing your deposit to remain safe for when you do vacate the property.

They are far more accommodating when it comes to you adding your own personal touch to the property if your rental agreement is for an extended period, spanning multiple years, until you can purchase your own home and join the property ladder. However, you will most likely be limited to using neutral colour schemes.

Creating life on your walls
Many landlords will accept decorating the walls of the property. It will create a fresh look within the property, even if it’s just ‘eggshell’ paint, as it doesn’t ruin the overall aesthetic. To bring life to your walls, it’s good to design feature walls with lots of frames and prints. These can be hung up by using hanging strips, which can be found in most hardware stores.

They do no damage to the walls but still allow you to create a personalised look. Another great way to decorate your walls is by using temporary wall murals. These are art stickers that create a nice dynamic and resemble wallpaper. If you can’t hang or stick anything on your walls, large frames and mirrors look fantastic when leaned up against the walls, creating minimal damage. Mirrors can also give the living space the illusion of a larger room.

Spruce up your floor
When living in a rental property, typically you cannot renovate the flooring. As an excellent alternative, vinyl flooring can be installed over the existing flooring. It can produce a dramatic, customised appearance that truly gives the floor a temporary character of life. Large rugs are also a great option to cover the existing flooring, as they take up most of the floor and can dramatically alter a room’s personal feel in a positive, homely manner. Because these particular items are owned by you, having them on your property might also make you feel at home.

Add accessories
The simplest way to add a personal touch without risking your deposit is with accessories. These can be from throws, stacked books, candles, plants, you name it. These small features create a whole different atmosphere and a personalised touch, creating character in each individual room. When placing accessories around the home, they don’t have to involve being hung on the wall causing damage. They can just be placed gently on a piece of furniture or shelf, creating a personalised look.

Final thoughts
Overall, personalising your living space shouldn’t be a chore. Even with the constraints of a rental agreement, your home should be a blank canvas waiting to be filled with your personality and individual touch, creating a home for you.

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This article was originally published by BriefYourMarket and is reproduced here with their permission.

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